Elfarrow is an ethically handmade garment produced in Nepal. The small factory we built is clean, bright and airy, with a flower filled garden where employees can relax. As a boutique production our goal is to produce small runs of beautiful clothing which is hand dyed, silk screened and stitched by artisans. Fair wages and an honest environment foster creativity and collaborative work. As the designer and founder I work alongside my employees whenever possible and their warmth and enthusiasm makes for the most pleasurable experience for all of us. We are jointly invested in the production of our one of a kind garments, where small imperfections confirm that we continue to enjoy the creative process, that we go far beyond the mundane, that we produce each piece knowing it will go to someone who is also unique in the world.

Elfarrow favours materials which are available and supportive to the local market and other small businesses in Kathmandu. We use organic fabrics whenever possible and take pride in the quality and workmanship of every garment.

Even in difficult times there is much to be thankful for and we invite you to share the joy which manifests in all who are on this creative journey.

"I believe that the life of a mortal being is defined by creation, as we ourselves are no more than a creative manifestation in a fleeting world. We see, and flee from our own end, through the many beginnings of the things we make and leave behind. I am an artist and traveller, and part of being a traveller is finding a home waiting for you half way across the world, and knowing that at this time, in this space, you were meant to be. The moment I set foot in Nepal I knew that I never wanted to travel any other place. I always knew I would work with the people of Nepal. It feels good to know that all these garments are made in sound facilities. I am happy to finally fulfill this dream, and work with these small family businesses."

Kyley Blomquist, Designer and Founder