✧ COURTYARD ✧ Protected Spirit

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The lovely Dhaka print, silk screened by hand onto the woven yoke of this cotton fleece dress, is a traditional Nepalese print. The generous cowl neck is sewn of two layers and when pulled up and around the head it becomes a cozy hood.  The cuffs and hem are also constructed of double layers, adding warmth and structure to the design.  If you are taller than average this dress will work for you as a tunic over a variety of bottom pieces or as a long pullover.  This piece is so soft and cozy you will be reaching into your wardrobe for it whenever you feel the slightest bit of a chill in the air.  Many of our customers own this in several colours!

 All designs are in U.S sizes. Model is wearing a size XS.

Made in Kathmandu. Cotton Fleece 100%