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Dreamy Wanderlust

The city of Budapest was once a bustling and vibrant Roman city named Aquincum. If you visit the ruins on a quiet afternoon you can almost hear the trickling of ancient fountains and imagine the city alive again around you - it is truly a magical experience! When you travel make sure to pack this luxurious jacket of bamboo terrycloth with its distinctive silk-screened design of arches and urns. It has a self-lined generous hood, front pockets and beautiful bracelet length dolman sleeves which make this an elegant piece to wear with our fitted dresses and stylish footwear.  If you are simply working on your dream list of destinations this is still the perfect cozy piece with leggings or trousers - so make yourself something lovely to drink, put up your feet and start dreaming! 

Made in Kathmandu

Bamboo 70% Organic Cotton 30%