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CABIN Jacket

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Compact and cute. Warm and cozy. Casual and quirky. The Cabin is a fun little jacket with its asymmetrical hemline and funnel neck. In tune with the natural world, it is made from the trademark fabric of Nepal: a hand woven heavy cotton with a distinctive black warp thread. The edges of the jacket are bound with a knitted trim of pure wool. A palette of soft colours like birch and cedar evokes the look of fresh cut wood. The large pockets will hold keys and a phone, and the epaulettes can easily secure a scarf or hat for hands free ambling! In sunny or misty weather enjoy a forest trail, take your puppers on an adventure or sit and sip a hot chocolate and listen to the birdsong in any greenspace. Whenever and wherever you can - connect with nature - it is good for both the body and soul!

Made in Kathmandu

100% heavy woven cotton/100% wool