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Starry Nights

Have you ever stood outside at night marveling at the beauty of the cosmos? If you live in a metropolis the glow of the city lights will compete with the sparkle of space - so we have a wonderful way for you to enjoy midnight skies. The creator and designer of Elfarrow has applied a technique by hand to every pair of these leggings, which makes each one as unique as a section of the infinite universe! A spunky way to brighten up a monochrome look, we recommend wearing these leggings under a dress, tunic or oversized sweater as they tend toward sheerness. They are a 7/8 length, ending above the ankle and have a cute little cutout adorned with a coconut shell button. Step out in these leggings and enjoy the magic of midnight!

Made in Kathmandu

Cotton 95% Spandex 5%