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Restless Heart

We are all rebels at heart, it is reaĺly just a matter of degree and how we express it.  So ask yourself what are the things that make you feel even the tiniest bit rebellious. If conformity, mass production and fast fashion come to mind, we can help.  Elfarrow has always been about unique, artisanal clothing and style which will stand the test of time. The Rebel has a boat neck, three quarter length sleeves, a dramatic curved hem and an long integrated belt for tying options. Besides the lovely proportions of this top, what really makes it so special is the amazing  batik finish.  It is the work of a woman artisan who learned the technique from her father, a master dyer.  Each garment goes through the many steps of the batik technique, a process resulting in the beautiful black and white patterns with occasional hints of dark mauve and ochre.  The result is so unique and beautiful that your heart will smile!

Made in Kathamndu

Viscose 95% Spandex 5%