✧ WHIRLWIND ✧ Kinetic Energy

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Dip dyed with beautiful shades of Tourmaline and Jade, this unique dress is then stonewashed, giving the fabric a rich organic quality. The fitted bodice has princess seams, a pretty v-neck and joins the skirt above the waistline. The pleats, sculptural inset panels at the sides and the cut away front of the skirt is where the energy is stored, to be released by the motion of the woman wearing it. Worn with leggings, boots, bare legs, high heels, women love this dress for every day and special occasions because it feels alive with energy and promise. Are you brave enough to wear it? Of course you are!

All designs are in U.S sizes. This particular garment is big fitting. We highly recommend purchasing one size smaller. 

Made in Kathmandu. Cotton 95% Spandex 5%